Here are some examples of  patients before and after their treatments

in our clinic with a jaw-growth appliance.





  • The arrow is pointing to the major growth site of the lower jaw. It grows because new bone cells are added, similar to adding bricks on a brick wall. The jaw will grow only enough to keep the back teeth biting together. 

  • If no treatment is given to a patient who has an overbite at 8 years of age he will still have the same overbite at 20 years of age.


  • If we construct an orthopedic appliance that requires the patient to pull the jaw forward as in the picture above, it takes the pressure off of the growth site, indicated by the arrow and allows more cells to form between the two regions. This is similar to placing more bricks on the brick wall. The jaw grows back up into the socket, thereby reducing the overbite.

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