Dr. Williamson is a private practice of orthodontics in Evans, Georgia and is past

Chairman of Orthodontics at Georgia Regents University, Augusta. He is presently

Clinical Associate Professor of Orthodontics and previously a Clinical Associate Professor in

Plastic Surgery (Cranio-Facial Anomolies and Cleft Lip and Palate).


Dr. Williamson was the editor and publisher of the monthly journal Facial Orthopedics

and Temporomandibular Arthrology. He has taught sequenced in office courses as well as

conducting research in his facility in Evans, Georgia. He lectures internationally and has published

over one hundred research papers related to temporomandibular disorders, muscle function,

and jaw growth. The use of diagnostic mounted model equilibration in making treatment decisions

is a technique developed by Dr. Williamson and utilized by him routinely in difficult cases.

Dr. Williamson treats all types of Orthodontic problems ranging from the simplist of complications

to the most severe and has patients both locally as well as nationwide.



His hobbies include raising and training cutting horses, golf and boating. 

His wife Catherine Williamson is the office manager and they live on a

250 acre horse ranch in Evans with dogs and horses.